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Australian native animals use both the road and verge environment as transport corridors and as an easy resource area. Unfortunately the indiscriminate, contemporary predator of this environment, the car or truck, can place vulnerable species or populations on the verge of extinction. Many native Australian species are already stressed from habitat loss, predation and disease. For those species, the added pressures of roadkill can lead to wildlife populations existing 'on the verge'.
Roadkill Recipes - Australia
Roadkill, Conservation, Creative Art & Publishing
Roadkill Recipes - Australian Wildlife on the Verge offers such delights as:
  1.     Tasmanian Kidney Deville
  2.     Skippy the Bush Vindaloo
  3.     Cassowary Rollover
  4.     Curlew Croquettes on a Bush Stone
  5.     Sauteed Cane Toad Legs
  6.     Quoll au Vent
  7.     Coastal Koala Stack
  8.     Leg O’Mu
  9.     Baked Mallee Fowl Mound
Contributions from the sale of this book are earmarked for threatened species projects.
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