Patricia & Tim Leeuwenburg
Patricia established Wrong Side of the Road in 2005, following her final year of studies at Uni SA. Her thesis explored the topic of roadkill on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, with particular emphasis on the influence of tourism and the possible adverse effects of roadkill on goanna and other species.
Although roadkill is distasteful to most people, it remains a reality of the modern Australian environment. Patricia seeks to bridge the divide between art and science; her passion remains to establish a synergy between wildlife conservation, creative art (in a variety of media) and the unusual topic of roadkill, rather than ignore it!
About The Authors
Roadkill, Conservation, Creative Art & Publishing
Dr. Tim is a rural and remote GP on Kangaroo Island, with a passion for emergency medicine and trauma. With National research showing that around 1 in 5 country vehicle collisions involve an animal, it is only natural that he is concerned. Tim’s research was recently recognised at ‘Trauma 2007’, the annual scientific meeting of the Australasian Trauma Society, where his presentation ‘Recipes from Disaster - a novel approach to mitigate wildlife-vehicle collisions on Kangaroo Island’ received the annual prize for best paper. Dr. Tim is keen to encourage drivers to SLOW DOWN and ENJOY THE WILDLIFE, rather than risk a collision or worse still to swerve and suffer a rollover.
In January 2006 Patricia and Tim published their first venture Roadkill Recipes - A Cookbook for Visitors to Kangaroo Island, satirising the plethora of glossy cookbooks on the Australian market, yet emphasising serious conservation and road safety messages. The book received local and interstate media attention and was a success with locals and visitors alike. Following the success of this title they continue to explore roadkill in the broader Australian context with their new publication Roadkill Recipes: Australian Wildlife on the Verge due for release in late June 2008.