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Many visitors come to Kangaroo Island (South Australia’s ecotourism jewel) to observe with wonder the abundant native wildlife - but not to see animals splattered all over the roads!
The number of roadkill on Kangaroo Island reflects the juxtaposition of plentiful native animals with traffic (including ~160,000 visitors per annum). Whilst the number of animals killed may be biologically insignificant for kangaroo, wallaby and possum, there are other species such as goanna, echidna and bandicoot which may be adversely affected over time.
Roadkill Recipes - KI
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Roadkill Recipes - A Cookbook for Visitors to Kangaroo Island offers such delights as:
  1.     Gypsy-style Echidna Baked-in-Clay
  2.     Leg of Roadkill Roo
  3.     Goanna Fillets with Blueberry Sauce
  4.     Feral Cat Fricasse
  5.     Phad Thai Penneshaw Penguin
  6.     Fugu-style Tiger Snake Venom Gland
  7.     Glossy Black a l’Orange
  8.     Pepper Roo Penis
Contributions from the sale of this book have been used to create the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Zone
Available from selected bookstores or click here to order